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Step 1

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As a business owner you will click on the Business Owner Registration tab and begin filling out the subsequent questions. After providing a short biography of your business and completed the investment request description. An agreement will be provided signifying the importance of integrity if an investment shall be taken from a registered investor with the intentions of excluding MFC. Finally, the business information will be sent to one of our team members who will quickly approve and post your business information on our site for investors to view at zero sign up fees/ and zero monthly costs!

Step 2

Approve and Find Investor

Our registered accredited investors will browse through a list of businesses, which can be filtered by industry of operation and investment size. If an investor becomes intrigued by a business, they can contact the business owner/representative through the information provided by the business owner. Both parties may begin to familiarize with each other and respectfully complete their own necessary due diligence. To do this investor may ask for additional information and business owners can provide non-disclosure agreements if they feel the need for extra protections and securities.

Step 3

Get Funded!

Once both parties want to begin negotiations MFC Business Connect removes representatives to allow for the investor and busines owner to negotiate directly between the two of them with no third party involved. This allows for unique term sheets and no standard formula for capital infusions as each business and opportunity can be catered too in creative deal structures. When the business receives funds, the business owners will receive 95% of the total invested capital while MFC Business Connect will obtain the remaining 5% for our services provided.

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